Electrical installation and lighting

The standard lighting system has a light intensity of 200 Lux (average).

A prerequisite is that the customer has a low voltage supply point
of 380/220 Volt / 50 Hz at the site. The builder is responsible for
the costs of the connection for the supply.

Electrical installation and lighting services

  • Meter cabinet to TAB 2000 for a meter panel DS 63 A incl. switches

  • Distribution panel for lighting and sockets and gate system, consisting of:

    - 1 pc. Input terminal 4 x 35 mm2
    - 1 pc. Three-pin main switch 80 A
    - 1 pc. Three-pin Linocur isolator D02/63 A
    - 12 pcs. Safety switches B 16 A 1-pin
    - 3 pcs. Safety switches 3-pin B 16 A
    - 3 pcs. Power circuit breakers 40 A, AC-1 1s
    - 3 pcs. Remote switches 230 V AC 1-pin

  • Main feed line (5.00m) between meter cabinet and distributor

  • Potential equalisation with potential equalisation rails and potential equalisation for site junction box and connection to the foundation potential equalisation

  • Hall lighting, i.e. long-field lighting, controlled by switches

  • 1 pc. electrical connection for the roller-gate

  • 3 pcs. earthed sockets